Liver Care

Maintaining a healthy liver, a true workhorse of the human body for well-being and longevity.


The liver is a strong organ, but as with most everything, it needs to be taken care of and maintained.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and has a mighty task. It cleanses the systems from toxicity and waste product every moment of every day. Blood flows through carrying oxygen to the liver which also cleanses the blood.

The Position of the Liver

Since hepatitis, inflammation of the liver that sometimes includes a virus, eventually damages the liver, even to the degree of hepatocellular carcinoma, which is liver cancer, it generally requires a stubborn commitment in the search to destroy it.

In order to find weapons that are truly effective for this particular warfare, a good amount of persistence is necessary. Methods offered by mainstream medicine (MDs) greatly differ from homeopaths, herbalists and osteopaths (DOs).

Diagnosis of the Hepatitis C Virus (hcv) remains to be on a steady incline, almost as if it has become an epidemic. Because the hcv has the ability to mutate and hide, it is difficult to eradicate. Difficult as it may be, it is not impossible to lower the viral load, even to an undetectable level! There are several types of Hepatitis C that seem to appear according to country. The one most prevalent in the U.S. is type 1a. Up to the present time, type 1a has been the most difficult to cure or reduce the viral load.

Both the liver and blood are two important mechanisms that must perform well to maintain good health.


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