Outbreaks of Measles

Inserts that describe the potential adverse effects of each inoculation are generally included with each batch. Effects that we as patients, are not told about, nor even the physician administering them. The mainstream medical and pharmaceutical industry is not transparent about many of the potential adverse effects. Even that some are capable of spreading the virus they claim to prevent.

Many, and maybe most, pediatricians receive bonus checks from their insurance carriers. Amounts are based on the percentage of patients the doctor has that are immunized within preset time periods.

Outbreaks of measles have occurred among the immunized. The outbreak in California had an 85% inoculation rate. This information came out in a one-time report from KYW 1060. It is extremely rare for mainstream media channels to report negative effects caused by immunizations. Mainstream media are owned and funded by people involved in pharmaceuticals.

How Vaccines are Made

Growing viruses and bacteria for a vaccine requires an un-clean medium for them to propagate.

To grow a virus or bacteria
Growing viruses and bacteria requires an un-clean medium for them to propagate. This can be in the form of animal tissue, human blood products, gmo yeast and aborted fetal tissue. Fetal tissue is a preferred choice due to the otherwise potential contamination with animal diseases and cross-transfer of animal DNA to humans.

Avian eggs or cells derived from foul embryos have been, and remain to be, commonly used to grow viruses and bacteria. Other serums, such as polio, were grown in monkey kidney cells obtained by killing them for cell cultures. This not only puts a drain on the monkey population, but also carries the risk of monkey viruses such as SV40, which was found to cause cancer in humans.

High risks are involved with using human fetal tissue, including the transference of diseases and genetic material the fetus was carrying while in the womb. Human parts can cause the production of antibodies to human tissue. Children produce antibodies to every component of each vaccine, not simply the viruses. This can cause demylination of the nerves and auto immune disorders. Children given the MMR who later suffered autism have been found to have antibodies to their own brain tissue. This may be a consequence of using fetal tissue in the MMR.

Present in the blood of autistics are high levels of non-inherited antibodies that conflict with the body’s brain tissue.

Ref: Dr Catarina Amorim; Journal of Neuro-immunology