Iron Rich Foods for Oxygen

Energy and breathing require iron to assure the production of hemoglobin, red blood cells and oxygen. The iron found in vegetables and other plant-based foods is the safest form of iron. Not to imply I’m against meat, heme iron, found only in animal products, is absorbed even when iron stores are full which can generate dangerous free radicals.

Although iron from vegs does not absorb as easily, it takes in only what is needed. By consuming vitamin C with it, such as 1/4 bell pepper, a medium size orange, some pineapple or fruit juice, absorption increases up to 600%.

Vegetables that contain iron:

Cooked spinach, tomato puree, beans (kidney, white and lima), snap and regular peas, lentils, greens (beet, turnip and collard), turmeric (found in curry seasoning), pumpkin, sweet potatoes, olives, button mushrooms, almonds, pistachios and black eyed peas, which are beans. High in folate, black eyed peas help make new cells by copying DNA and synthesizing B12 and amino acids to produce protein.