How Vaccines are Made

Growing viruses and bacteria for a vaccine requires an un-clean medium for them to propagate.

To grow a virus or bacteria
Growing viruses and bacteria requires an un-clean medium for them to propagate. This can be in the form of animal tissue, human blood products, gmo yeast and aborted fetal tissue. Fetal tissue is a preferred choice due to the otherwise potential contamination with animal diseases and cross-transfer of animal DNA to humans.

Avian eggs or cells derived from foul embryos have been, and remain to be, commonly used to grow viruses and bacteria. Other serums, such as polio, were grown in monkey kidney cells obtained by killing them for cell cultures. This not only puts a drain on the monkey population, but also carries the risk of monkey viruses such as SV40, which was found to cause cancer in humans.

High risks are involved with using human fetal tissue, including the transference of diseases and genetic material the fetus was carrying while in the womb. Human parts can cause the production of antibodies to human tissue. Children produce antibodies to every component of each vaccine, not simply the viruses. This can cause demylination of the nerves and auto immune disorders. Children given the MMR who later suffered autism have been found to have antibodies to their own brain tissue. This may be a consequence of using fetal tissue in the MMR.

Present in the blood of autistics are high levels of non-inherited antibodies that conflict with the body’s brain tissue.

Ref: Dr Catarina Amorim; Journal of Neuro-immunology

Food Grown Genetically

Do you read the ingredient lables on processed foods? Did you know that some of the ingredients in most all processed food products are from a plant that was genetically modified (GMO), with organisms? Genetic biotechnology has become increasingly more widespread, not only in location, but also in the number of various plants being altered.

Many, if not most, people are not aware of all the food products that either contain ingredients that were modified, such as in processed foods, and in canned and frozen vegetables grown from gm’d seeds. The seed manufacturers and the growers of their plants fight against making it a law to label the foods gmo. The European Union passed a law in 1994 that all gm’d foods must be labled as such. Japan and most other countries have also passed a law to label all gm’d foods, including the ones imported from other countries. The U.S., however, continues to battle over this labeling issue, and the scientific reports of the various hazards continue to get suppressed.

One of the seed manufacturers, Monsanto, had an attorney of who was also their Vice President for Public Policy from 1998 to 2001, M. Taylor. This same attorney/VP/PR rep. obtained a key position at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the nineties. He instated a policy essentially decreeing that “it’s all food; there is no difference from any other food; and if the biotech company that created the GM foods say they’re safe, that’s good enough”. That FDA policy for GM’d food remains the same to this day. Some estimates report that Monsanto controls 90% of the global market for GM seeds.

The pollin from these plants are blown into surrounding fields of non-gmo crops and plants. Policy analyst for ‘Food First’, Annie Shattuck, stated that once attached to a pool of foreign aid funding, the pressure on open markets for biotechnology will be substantial.

The herbicide resistant gm’d plants use a particular herbicide that goes with the seeds. It contains a chemical, glyphosate that is absorbed by the leaves into the plant. GM’d crops require more spraying than conventional and weeds are developing tolerance requiring higher and higher doses. A study by a molecular biologist at the University of Caen, Dr. Seralini, has shown that Roundup, also a Monsanto product, causes cells in human embryos to die and is an endocrine (hormonal system) disruptor.

Over 85% of the soy crops grown in the U.S. are gm’d, as well as corn, cotton and canola oil. Last January, the USDA past their decision through to de-regulate alfalfa, and recently de-regulated sugarbeets as well. This has been, and continues to be protested against by both conventional and organic growers, as well as ecology enthusiasts and groups. Alfalfa is a primary source of feed for livestock, as is gm’d corn grain, and is also used worldwide as a field cover to enrich soil.

Sugarbeets aren’t normal beets, rather they’re grown as a sweetening agent used in many processed foods as it’s generally cheaper compared to sugarcane. This is very, very big business. Most all high fructose corn syrup in processed foods is of the gm’d version, as well as soybean oil in dressings and sauces, and msg. Canola (Canada) oil began as a gm’d product with the intentions of being used as a factory lubricant, as it initially was, and is made from the rapeseed plant. GM’d foods and ingredients suddenly appeared in 2/3’s of all U.S. processed foods in 1998, primarily the soy and corn.

Following are some foods that have been, and continue to be, grown from genetically engineered seeds: 

Ironically, the commodity price of corn has risen 37% the past few months, and soybeans are up 19%. The U.S. midwestern cornbelt is now predominantly genetically modified corn and soybean. Since the corn in Mexico has been perfected over generations, they’ve made strict regulations to protect their seed variety, crops and fields from GMO contamination. Many sauces such as ketchup, spaghetti sauce and paste, are from gm’d tomatoes.

Some of Canadian’s honey is from bees that pollinate the canola’s gm’d rapeseed crops. This put a stop to Europe’s importing their honey. About half of the U.S. sweet corn acreage in 2009 was planted with gm’d seed. Four or five types of potatoes that include snack foods and processed foods containing potatoes, are gm’d. Cotton oil, generic vegetable oil, and many margarines since they contain either soy, corn, canola or cottonseed.

Our meat and dairy products mostly come from animals that had consumed gm’d feed, and therefore causes us to be 2nd-hand consumers. As well as milk and dairy foods from cows that had been injected with gm’d growth hormone, rBGH. Some vitamin manufacturers use some gm’d plant material such as vitamin C from corn, vitamin E from soy, A, D and some B vitamins as well may be derived from gm’d plant sources. 

This appears to only be the tip of the iceburg. In 2009 there were already over 40 plant varieties having completed the federal requirements for commerce as the FDA and USDA has stated.  

Non-Gmo ‘Project Verified’ is a label being used on products to indicate foods produced without genetic engineering or DNA technologies.


Travel Body Scanners at Airports

Nov. 19, 2010

The security agency for the U.S. airports began using the newly installed body scanner devices this past week. Whether or not they’re useful to detect certain materials that will protect passengers, remains questionable. Some scientist have stated there is a high potential for basil cell carcinoma (skin cancer), particularly for frequent flyers and children. It’s recommended to give this some thought before participating.
The other options are the metal detector and personal pat-downs. Whatever security procedure is used, either nude scanner pictures or pat-downs are involved before many U.S. travelers are allowed on planes. The choice of security measure used is at the discretion of the technician screening the traveler at the time.
Total travelers each month in 2008 averaged approx. 72 million domestic and international.

The total number of travelers hiding an explosive material each month is 0.

The total number of flights per month is approx. one million, primarily within the U.S.

Total number of explosive materials found on board airplanes per month is 0.

It’s been reported that the cost of each body scanner is 136,500 dollars, with additional costs of training and salaries, to include also, lawsuits against the transportation security for privacy and health violations.

Security claimed last year that the machines can neither store nor transmit the images, but officials later admitted that the agency required manufacturers to include those functions for testing, training and evaluation purposes. Therefore, all the naked images of travelers who are screened by the x-ray detector devices can be saved in a database, the extent of which depends on the computer program installed.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a lawsuit demanding a federal judge to put a stop on the transportation security’s scanning program. The group’s director said, “This is the dept of homeland sec. subjecting every U.S. traveler to an intrusive search that can be recorded without any suspicion”.

X-ray screeners use  ‘focused ionized’ radiation, the effects of which are unknown, particularly for pregnant women and children. The natural type of radiation travelers are exposed to on airplanes is ‘diffuse’. Diffuse radiation is less adverse in comparison to focused and is contrary to the claim a head official made in the media when he stated that the radiation level received during screening (focused) was the same as two minutes in an airplane (diffuse).

Radiation damage is cumulative and each successive dose builds on the cellular mutation caused by the last. The dose may be up to twenty times higher than first estimated. The opinion of many scientists states that the scanner radiation has been under-estimated. Can we measure the risk of a possible terrorist attack against that of basal cell carcinoma and leukemia? It can take years for radiation damage to manifest pathology; damage and alterations to the dna structure is also in question, as well as causing infertility for generations. Scanners used at the airport specifically focus on the skin and muscle tissue immediately beneath the skin which would include tiny and small blood vessels.

Neither the liquid material of flight 253, nor the December ’09 powder form are likely to be detected by the new x-ray scanners. There is no longer any way possible that anyone can travel by airplane in a safe and dignified manner without getting personally violated. Physical and emotional injury is of a magnitude that far outweighs the reality of the situation, to include also the injurious expense on tax dollars requires further investigation.

The manufacturer of the scanner devices that have been installed is none other than a head person of the security organization itself which causes the sale and purchase aspect strongly appear as a ‘conflict of interest’ and reason enough to consider other options and alternatives.  The full-body scanners appear to have been a derivative product hedged as a future contract by a member in a position of authority in a department of the same government at the time of agreement. This scanning program has the capacity to compile an enormously massive database of very personal profiles on a daily basis very similar to models that have already been in use in penitentiaries.

The potential risk for adverse effects to skin tissue, and the vascular and muscular systems directly beneath the skin, are high; not only in the immediate sense, but effects that extend far into the future due to a latency period. Radiation exposure may cause any number of various kinds of disabilities.


herb power

Are herbs really effective enough to actually strengthen immunity and increase endurance?

How herbs promote health:  Sun’s photosynthesis, Minerals, Enzymes, Fiber, and Phytonutrients

In order for a drug to be approved by the FDA, the manufacturer must do years of studies costing anywhere between 17 to 100 million dollars. When companies spend amounts of that nature on their products they don’t want another company stealing their formula after they’ve gone to all that trouble developing it. Their guarantee is called a patent and legally it’s their drug and no one can copy it for 17 years. After all that trouble, a drug company isn’t going to want somebody to come along with a totally cheap, available and natural product offering the same effect yet with none of the side effects. Do you think they’ll do everything they can both legally and politically to prevent and suppress the products from reaching the market?

Two books which best document some of the effective natural cures for cancer which have come along in the past 75 years and have faced a tidal wave of opposition from the FDA/AMA/Drug Trust are:

The Cancer Industry, by Ralph Moss, and Options, by Richard Walters

Although they’re under attack, some of these natural cures are still around in the U.S. Others can only be obtained in Mexico or Europe, and still others have been crushed out of existence for good. You can do the historical research yourself on some of the following products and innovators:

Following is a partial list, and many names have been lost completely.

William Kelley, Hoxsey, Gaston Naessens, Max Gerson, Kurt Donsbach, William Koch, Dr. Burzynski, Dr Blass, Dr. Loffler, Stan Bynum, Patrick Flanagan, Microhydrin, 714x, Haelan, antineoplastins, raw foods, live cell therapy, ozone, EDTA chelation, Laetrile, Coley vaccines, Hydrazine sulfate, Hans Nieper, JH Tilden, whole foods vitamins, antioxidants, colon detoxification, the Rife machine, the black box, and green foods. Separately or in combination, these methods and these healers have resolved cancer in thousands of cases during the past 75 years. Some of the technology has been repressed out of existence and others are quite easy. What they have in common is that they are non-patentable generally natural methods which have no significant side effects, and work with one common goal: to strengthen the immune system.

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