Portable Xray

A  new device in dental radiology:

handheld x-ray portable system
portable x-ray

A battery operated x-ray generator that charges in less than an hour, and according to the manufacturer, allows over 100 exposures per charge. Each battery is good for about 100 charges and the total weight of the device is a little over 8 pounds.

It includes a backscatter shield to protect against the backscattered radiation from the patient and any exposure caused from leakage backscatter is less than the federal and occupational limits. Two to four wall-mounted units can be replaced by this portable system, which costs $6,848.00.

Assistants and hygienists are able to remain with the patients during the x-ray process, and the film isn’t in a patient’s mouth for as long of a period of time. The adjustment of exposure time on the unit has added convenience and the overall time required for x-raying is less, however, the weight of the device can wear on certain individuals of whom may have back or neck issues.

The quality is comparable to the wall-mounted units, although this device isn’t without a few concerns:

  • Repairs are questionable, and whether it will remain available in the long run
  • If it were to fall or to be dropped, what type of problem would likely result.
  • It’s too top-heavy to rest on it’s battery and therefore requires a portable stand as a base.

Since the system seems to have more beneficial qualities than not, many dentist might be using this portable x-rayer soon and into the future. It might be best utilized, however, in remote and foreign clinics and disaster recovery situations.


source: dental compare dot com